We Love This Community!

What excites us is building

something that lasts.

Elmhurst and Forest Park

This Is Home to Our Team, Our Patients, and Our Practice.

We’re Here For Our Community

Building Relationships That Last

You don’t have to be around Dr. Mike very long to discover that he likes making things. He likes building things, things that last. Whether it’s a table in his shop or a treatment plan for someone who is getting braces for the first time. We want to build things that last. This is why relationships with the communities we serve are so important. We want to build those to last, too.

Investing in Elmhurst & Forest Park

In the past 15 years, we have been fortunate to know thousands of families in this community.

We have had an amazing opportunity to make a difference. Supporting our community and giving back is not only an expectation of ourselves, it’s something that we take pride in. We love being a part of a community with access to such great schools, parks, and access to great outdoor opportunities like bike riding and strolling downtown. And we love being close to one of the greatest metropolitan areas in the world. It’s a very happy healthy area to live. This is home.

Why We Want to Give Back

We are healthcare providers, but we are also a small business. One of the greatest things about working in a community that you really love is the symbiosis of support. Groups support us like parent-teacher organizations and some local church groups. At the same time, we look for opportunities to give back. We’re here to serve our community and then our community supports us. It’s an amazing cycle and one we want to be a part of for years to come. It’s why we’re so committed to building something that matters, something that lasts.

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