Paying for Retainers Should be Easy and Attainable

Why Opt Into Our Retainer Insurance Program 

Maintaining your beautiful smile shouldn’t be a burden. Our Retainer Insurance Program is designed to provide peace of mind and financial ease. Here’s what you can expect:

Key Features:

  • 5-Year Insurance Plan: Enjoy long-term protection for your retainers.
  • Unlimited Essix Retainers: Receive as many Essix retainers as you need over five years.
  • 1 Lower Fixed Retainer: Included with your plan for added security.
  • Affordable Copay: Only $20 per retainer ($125 value!)

Payment Details:

  • Enrollment Cost: $650. First-time patients receive a $100 discount, making it $550!
  • Convenient Payment Plan: $130 per month for 5 months.
  • Flexible Enrollment: Enroll in the program as many times as needed.

Our Retainer Insurance Program ensures you have continuous support, so you can focus on enjoying your perfect smile without worrying about unexpected costs.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Retainer Insurance?

  • Retainers are easy to lose and can break during their lifetime. Accidents happen!
  • Consistent retainer wear saves a patient from paying for the cost of retreatment to correct tooth movement that may have occurred due to lack of wear
  • We take a new digital impression each time a new retainer is needed. This provides peace of mind that the retainers will indeed fit correctly and will be properly maintained
  • All current patients, past patients, and non-patients are eligible
  • Easy to replace retainers that have become discolored
  • Expedited turn around on fabrication of retainers