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FAQ’s About Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Can I still get treatment if I have crowns?

Yes, crowns will not affect your treatment plan.

Will I still need to wear retainers?

Yes, we recommend all patients wear retainers after treatment.

How do I know if I need treatment?

The signs are much the same as in children. However, if you have needed treatment for a long time, you may also need to be treated for teeth that have been worn down due to overcrowding.

Are any of my treatment options different from that of children?

No usually. However, adults will sometimes need to resort to surgical orthodontics if there is a long-unseen issue that has become too complex for basic orthodontic care.

Are adult orthodontic cases more extreme?

Usually adult treatment is extremely similar to child or adolescent treatment. However, due to the more rigid structure of their bones and teeth, treatment might last longer.

Does adult orthodontic treatment cost more than child orthodontic treatment?

Cost of treatment can vary from patient to patient, but there is no noticeable increase in cost.

What if I have missing or fake teeth?

You can still receive treatment for your biological teeth, even if some are missing or prosthetic.