A comfortable, clear, discreet

orthodontic option.

Hi-Tech Braces that go unnoticed

For a subtle, discreet approach to your orthodontic care.

Our Clear braces provide all the same amazing benefits as Damon™ Metal Braces… but they’re clear! We know that everyone has different needs for their orthodontic care. sometimes that means options that are more discreet.

We utilize Damon™ Clear brackets as a great solution for clear braces and orthodontic care. Not only that, our clear braces provide you with the same benefits as our Damon™ Metal Braces More comfort. Faster treatment. Less visits.


At Advanced Orthodontic Specialists, our clear braces (Damon™ Clear Braces) are designed not only to create healthy smiles, but to also maintain the overall well-being of your teeth and gums as we straighten your smile. Because our clear braces provide a softer and more consistent force, there is less discomfort during your treatment.

Damon™ Clear Braces are available at our Elmhurst Orthodontic Office as well as our Forest Park Orthodontic Office. 


Clear braces are a great option for people who want more discreet orthodontic care. You want to be proud of your smile even while your orthodontic care is still in process!  Clear braces use ceramic instead of metal and elastic, allowing you to smile with confidence!


Clear braces apply a steady and consistent force on your teeth. Once applied, they need little maintenance. Instead of the elastic bands that hold traditional braces in place, OUR clear braces use a slide mechanism that slides the brackets into their proper place. This has proven to be a quicker treatment option that requires fewer visits and checkups!

Common Questions About Clear Braces

What are Clear Braces?

Clear braces are similar to traditional braces, but with clear ceramic brackets instead of metal. Because we use the Damon™ System, our clear braces come with all the great benefits that Damon™ Metal Braces do – reduced friction, reduced discomfort and shorter treatment times when compared to traditional braces.

Why Damon™?

Damon™ Clear Braces do not use materials that yellow or stain over time. They also employ a patented slide system that is faster and more comfortable than the traditional elastic bands.

Why would I want Clear Braces?

Clear braces are almost entirely unnoticeable because of the transparent brackets and stain-reducing technology. They are effective enough to tackle even the most complex orthodontic treatments while remaining under the radar and can even do so in less time than other options, with noticeably less discomfort.

How long do Clear Braces take to work?

Length of treatment varies from patient to patient. Some treatments last as little as 18 months, other cases can take up to three years.