Metal Braces

We’re dedicated to technology

that makes your smile, and

your experience amazing.


Braces and brackets that make your experience better.

Why should you care about the kind of orthodontic brackets that we use?!
We get it. It’s kind of nerdy of us to get excited about orthodontic technology – especially brackets! That’s just who we are!

We use Damon™ braces and brackets – which are exceptionally high-quality. Better yet, they provide you with some serious benefits. More comfort. Faster treatment. Less visits – all things we know you can actually get excited about.


Why would anyone ever care about what orthodontic brackets we use? To that, we respond, “Why WOULDNT you care?” 

We know it’s likely the last think you think about, but The Damon™ Orthodontic System provides high-quality brackets that come with amazing benefits. These aren’t the braces our parents had when they were kids!

Damon™ Metal Braces are available at our Elmhurst Orthodontic Office as well as our Forest Park Orthodontic Office.


Each patient is different, and Damon™ Metal Braces allow our orthodontic offices to provide more options during treatment. The Damon™ System’s metal brackets enable orthodontists to make smaller and more precise adjustments, giving you a more comfortable, more customized approach to an amazing smile.



We’ve put a lot of thought into what technology we use to make your experience with us amazing – all the way down to the orthodontic brackets we use!

We’ use the Damon™ System because it provides you with an incredible experience, not because it saves us time or money. The Damon™ Orthodontic system is one of the best bracket systems, with truly significant benefits, that we know of.


Are Damon™ Braces really that cool?

We think so!

We offer the Damon™ System because we think it’s the best option for our patients with lots of great benefits. The Damon™ System has better results in less time, a simplified procedure, fewer visits to the office, and offers greater comfort than traditional braces.

Those are all huge wins for our patients.

Do Damon™ braces cost more?

Not for our patients.

But they do cost more for us. These aren’t cheap, Chinese-made brackets. These are high-quality brackets. We think that’s important.

It’s important for us to spend the money on making your experience the best it possibly can be. That means going the extra mile and buying premiere equipment, especially brackets.

How long do I need to wear braces?

This varies depending on your needs, but we generally see patients wearing their braces for between 18 months and 2 years.

What if I don't want metal braces?

We get it!

Some patients want more discreet options, like Damo™n Clear, Spark™ Clear Aligners, or Invisalign™. Each system comes with very unique pros and cons. So make sure you schedule an appointment so we can discuss what the absolute right treatment plan for you may be!