This Is What We Stand For

Amazing customer service,

experience, and results.

What We Believe In

Going the extra mile for every patient.

The AOS Philosophy

Delivering More Than What You Asked For

When a person prepares to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist, a lot of questions arise. Who should I choose? How much will it cost? Will it hurt? Will I like the team? People ask a lot of questions about treatment, but what they’re really doing is asking us to take good care of them.

Dr. Bicknell founded AOS with the intention of making this practice unlike any other choice people had. We wanted our offering to be efficient, technology driven, and results based. But what we wanted more than anything else was to make patient service our number one goal. Whatever people are hoping for, we’re working hard to give them more than what they ask for.

No Gimmicks – Just Great Service

The pillars of this philosophy are top notch customer service, a great team, and state of the art technology.

Each one of these helps create the kind of environment we know our patients will love. We want you to see AOS as a caring, loving, and professional environment. We want you to come here for treatment and when you leave, you know that we’re more concerned about you as a person than anything else. There are no gimmicks here. Our team is kind and competent. Your time and your smile are important to us, and we’re going out of our way to ensure that you know that — not just hear it.

Why We Want to Give Back

This type of atmosphere comes from having a great team — and our team is amazing. Every one of our team members knows that they’re not just coming to work to do their job. They’re coming to do their job at the highest level that they can. We are learning new things every day. We encourage curiosity and wonder around the work we do. We want every team member to become a specialist in their own. As a result, our team members have confidence in the work they are doing. They know what they are talking about. They are engaged with our patients showing the highest competence and a tremendous amount of care. They are the kind of people you can trust to go the extra mile, to give our patients more than they ask for.

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