Long story short: We get excited about

tech that improves your experience!

Because You Deserve the Best!

As Technology Evolves, So Do We!

Why Do We Love Technology?

You Deserve Amazing Results AND An Amazing Experience

One of the greatest things about orthodontics is having the ability to adapt to changing technology. While traditional braces look similar to the way they did thirty years ago, so much has changed! The field is always evolving, always improving. And it’s not just traditional braces. The number of treatment options a patient has today is incredible. We’ve never lived in a better time with respect to orthodontic treatment!

Say goodbye to goopy impressions!

We want every patient to feel comfortable in every aspect of their treatment!

We love to use new technology and advances to shorten treatment time, to get beautiful results,  and to make the experience of treatment better. What’s amazing to many of our patients’ parents is that they were that age, orthodontics took two and a half years to complete. “Uncomfortable” was an understatement! There were a lot of appliances that plain hurt.

You might remember how we used to get impressions — someone would come to you with this goopy tray and you would have to hold your breath for 30 or 40 seconds. Now, when parents bring their children in for treatment, they get to watch in real time as we build a 3D model of their bite. Then we can actually take that model and, within an hour, print it in our 3D print lab. This allows us to select an individual brace per tooth, which allows us to get to the finish line faster. 

Exceeding Expectations Every Single Day!

Kids might not realize this isn’t how things have always been, but parents are absolutely amazed at how easy it is. And that’s always a really proud moment for us! We value giving people more than they expect and doing the absolute best for our patients each and every time. The use of technology allows us to do that which is why we invest so much in it. Technology is a big reason why we’re able to offer such a great experience to our patients.

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