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Guidance Program

What’s Included With Our Growth Guidance Program

We want to make every appointment exciting, because taking steps to ensure a healthy smile or waiting until you’re ready for braces shouldn’t be boring. With our membership, we offer:

  • Treasure Boxes in all our guidance Rooms
  • Fun Stickers with Each Visit
  • Advanced Technology that Provides In-Depth Insights Beyond Regular X-Rays
  • Consultation, Expertise, and Regular Communication with Your Dentist
  • A 100% Free Membership
  • We Keep your Dentist Updated Along the Way!

        Is My Child in the Observation Stage?

        We recommend that your child joins our Club at or slightly before the age of 7. This is when your child usually has enough permanent teeth for our orthodontist to evaluate for any potential concerns. Facial bones and muscles are also in a phase of significant change up to and around 7 years of age.

        Observational care plays a vital part in young patients’ oral health by enabling us to closely monitor the growth and development of their teeth and jaws. Delaying your child’s orthodontic treatment until all permanent teeth have developed or facial growth is nearly complete can complicate the correction of any issues that may be present, meaning a longer and more expensive corrective process. You can read more about the importance of early orthodontic treatment here.

        We Have a Dentist, Why Join the OBS Club?

        We understand that some potential AOS Growth Guidance Program members may question why they need to also be observed by an orthodontist on top of their regular dentist visits. While regular visits to the dentist are paramount for optimal oral health, attending just two AOS Growth Guidance Program appointments per year can help prevent unseen yet significant dental issues from occurring. How do we do this? 

        • We employ the latest technological advancements. Our specialized, iCAT digital scanner provides in-depth insights beyond regular dental  x-rays. This advanced imaging allows us to detect developing teeth hidden in the bone, enabling us to foresee potential issues early and take proactive measures.
        • We provide valuable insights. The status of developing teeth can change rapidly. Our guidance helps with real-time monitoring, allowing accurate adjustments to your child’s future orthodontic plan. 
        • We can help you plan for the future. Unlike your dentist, our orthodontists can help determine if your child will need braces or other orthodontic work well in advance, which can help you plan financially for your future. Visit our FAQ’s About Orthodontic Financing page for more information. With our team on your side, you’ll have access to all the necessary resources and support to make informed decisions about your dental health.

        And remember, our guidance is completely FREE! All imaging, the doctors’ expertise, and communication with your dentist come at no expense to you.