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FAQ’s About Orthodontic Treatment For Kids

When should I take my child to see an orthodontist?

We recommend bringing your child in for an initial checkup no later than age 7. These are very formative years where the facial bones and muscles are beginning to shift and change the most.

Can my child receive treatment if they are missing teeth?

Yes! In fact, it is important to make room for incoming permanent teeth by properly shifting the baby teeth so that everything is aligned as it should be!

What if my child has a loose tooth, or loses a tooth during treatment?

Once we detect a loose tooth, we will remove the brackets so that the tooth can fall out and adjust the braces accordingly. If your child still has their braces on once the permanent tooth arrives, we will re apply the bracket it necessary!

What do I do if my child's wire or bracket comes loose?

If your child experiences a loose or removed bracket, call us to schedule an appointment immediately so that we can fix the issue and continue the treatment. We also provide wax tubes that you can place on the end of a broken wire to keep it from poking your child’s gums or cheek until we are able to see them.

Will my child experience any pain?

Discomfort is common for children beginning their treatment, but eventually subsides as their teeth begin to shift.

How often should my child brush their teeth during treatment?

We highly recommend brushing at least once in the morning and once in the evening, though brushing after every meal is ideal.