5 Best Ways to Keep Stains Off Clear Braces

Many orthodontic patients nowadays opt for treatment with clear braces or clear aligners. This is because they provide the same excellent treatment as traditional metal braces but they’re much harder to see. Some people worry that clear braces stain easily, and they don’t want to pay for yellowing clear braces. Clear braces are harder to stain than you think, but there are ways to prevent staining of clear braces or clear aligners. 

Advanced Orthodontic Specialists offers clear braces with ceramic brackets. We also offer clear aligners from Spark and Invisalign. Our products are designed to be stain-resistant, but stains can still happen. We’ll give you some tips on preventing staining of your clear braces or clear aligners and how to keep stains off your teeth! 

Clear Braces vs. Clear Aligners

The first thing to understand is the different options available if you are considering treatment with Advanced Orthodontic Specialists. We offer several options in braces and clear aligners for patients of all ages. 

Damon Braces offer metal and clear options for patients. Damon braces are a newer technology than traditional metal braces. They offer brackets that are smoother, smaller, and more comfortable than traditional metal braces. Damon brackets allow the archwire to slide more smoothly, making it easier to move the teeth with lighter pressure. Damon braces are known to be more comfortable than traditional braces. 

Damon Clear Braces offer the same comfort as Damon metal braces but with ceramic brackets designed to blend in better with the teeth. Damon clear braces use the same technology to provide lighter force and more efficiency to your treatment. 

Invisalign clear aligners are a popular alternative to braces and one of the best-known brands of clear aligners. Invisalign uses clear acrylic trays custom-molded to your teeth to apply gentle pressure that moves your teeth into the correct positions. Invisalign works for most patients as an alternative to braces because they appear nearly invisible on the teeth. 

Spark clear aligners offer another great option for patients interested in clear aligners. Spark clear aligners are made with TruGEN Technology, making them clearer than Invisalign and more stain-resistant. Their edges along the gums are smoothed rather than left scalloped, making them more comfortable. Still, they provide the same moving power as Invisalign, so you can expect the same exceptional results.  

Can Clear Braces Stain?

Clear braces are a low-profile alternative to traditional metal braces. Instead of brackets made of metal, clear braces have brackets made of a ceramic material made to closely match your teeth. This allows them to blend into the tooth better. 

But many patients want to know, “Do clear braces stain easily?” There isn’t a simple answer to this. The clear ceramic brackets of clear braces are designed to be stain-resistant, so it’s very difficult to stain your braces. However, it’s a different story for another part of your braces — the o-ring elastics found on traditional braces. 

Those elastics can stain easily, and they usually wear out after several weeks. That’s why they’re usually changed out with every orthodontist visit, which is usually every six weeks or so. Until then, you’re stuck wearing discolored or stained o-ring elastics around your brackets — unless you get your braces from Advanced Orthodontics Specialists. 

Advanced Orthodontics Specialists doesn’t use traditional braces, and the Damon clear braces we use don’t use o-ring elastics. That means our braces are less prone to staining. You don’t have to worry about noticeable discoloration around the brackets. However, it’s still possible to stain the brackets themselves over time and your teeth. 

Invisalign clear aligners are stain-resistant, but they can still discolor over time with certain foods and drinks. Spark clear aligners are even more stain-resistant and slower to discolor than Invisalign.

Staining is still possible with both clear braces and clear aligners. You can do things to avoid staining your braces or clear aligners. 

How to Prevent Stained Braces and Clear Aligners

It is possible to stain clear braces, but what to do about it is easier than you think. It may require a bit of due diligence on your part. It may also require avoiding certain foods and drinks for a while until your treatment is complete. But your actions will keep your braces and clear aligners bright through until the end of your treatment. 

Here are a few ideas on how to prevent stains on your braces or clear aligners.

Floss and Brush Immediately

The longer dark-colored foods or drinks linger on your teeth, the better the chance they will stain your teeth and your braces or clear aligners. The best solution is to floss and brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking anything, except clear liquids like water. If you’re out and can’t brush or floss, try rinsing your mouth with plain water to get as much of the colored food or liquid off as possible. 

Avoid Food and Drinks That Stain

Foods that are deeply colored or dark tend to stain braces and clear aligners. This includes coffee, tea, fruit juices, wine, sauces like tomato sauce, vegetable juice, and chocolate. The best way to keep these foods and drinks from staining your clear braces is to avoid them. Remember, it’s only temporary! 

Avoid Certain Spices

You can also find deep colors in spices, such as curries, turmeric, saffron, and chili powders. Food coloring in things like frosting, cookies, and cakes can also stain your teeth and braces. Colored mouthwash can also discolor your braces. Even food coloring and spices in things like Ramen noodle packets can stain. As with colorful foods and drinks, avoid these if possible, and brush and floss your teeth as soon as you can. 

Remove Clear Aligners When Eating or Drinking

The best way to avoid staining clear aligners is to remove them before eating or drinking anything other than clear water. This includes removing them if you’re drinking water with colored flavor enhancers. Be sure to brush and floss your teeth before putting your clear aligners back on your teeth!

Avoid Smoking and Tobacco

Smoking and use of other tobacco products, including vaping and chewing tobacco, will stain your teeth, so it will stain your braces and clear aligners. You should avoid using any tobacco products during your treatment. It’s also better for your health. There are programs and prescriptions available to help you quit. Talk to us or your primary care physician for more information.

Preventing Staining of Your Clear Braces and Aligners

Clear braces and clear aligners are designed to be stain-resistant. It takes a significant amount of time to stain or discolor clear braces or clear aligners, but it is possible to do. But with a little due diligence, you can keep your clear braces and clear aligners as bright as the new smile you’re creating! The best thing you can do is avoid foods, drinks, and habits that can discolor your braces or aligners and brush or floss your teeth after eating or drinking. 

If you are ready to explore treatment with clear braces or clear aligners, we’re ready to help you! Patients in the areas of Forest Park, IL, or Elmhurst, IL, can start with a free virtual consultation. We’ll then bring you in for a complete evaluation. We’ll also discuss ways to pay for your treatment. We want your treatment to be affordable to you, so we have several financing options available to make your payments fit your budget! We can’t wait to show you the amazing new smile you could have with clear braces or clear aligners! 

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