Adult Braces: Teeth Straightening Options for Adults

Looking for confidence in your smile, or even experiencing jaw pain from crowded teeth? Seeking orthodontic care to help you love your smile is not limited to teenagers and children, and nor should it be. 

So, before you ask “can you have braces as an adult?”, first ask yourself: why wouldn’t you be able to? 

There’s a variety of orthodontic treatment options for adult braces, from invisible aligners to the classic metal braces – and which is right for you depends on a variety of factors. But before you make this choice, let’s talk about some of the types of braces available. 

Invisible Braces For Adults

Invisible braces are what they sound like – similar to a nighttime aligner or retainer, they are a clear tray that are custom made from an impression of your teeth. Typically, they are replaced every week for a new set that will continue to move your teeth until they’re in the desired position. 

This is a popular option for a lot of adults seeking straighter teeth, because the aligners are mostly unnoticeable. You can also remove them during the day to eat, or otherwise, as needed but it’s important to keep them clean between uses. One caveat to this treatment type, though, is that it does take longer to straighten the teeth than the average treatment time of more traditional braces.

There are a variety of invisible braces companies, like the Invisalign treatment and Spark clear aligners offered here at Advanced Orthodontic Specialists. 

Discreet Clear Braces For Adults

Providing a similar concept to invisible braces, but with a faster result – this option is discreet, with friction-reducing clear ceramic braces.

This allows for orthodontic treatment to be performed, without visually impacting your smile dramatically during. Alongside that, our clear braces are specially designed to provide a softer and more consistent force to your teeth, to limit the discomfort felt during the treatment – that’s right, you won’t be eating soup all day, like you might have thought! 

Traditional Metal Braces For Adults

Finally, we have traditional metal braces. While you may have some fears about this type of brace as an adult, remember that orthodontic technology has come a long way. 

No longer is this the bulky wire braces that you might expect, but instead they are sleek, extremely high quality and provide fast treatment with less visits needed. Additionally, we use Damon™ Metal Braces, which allow our orthodontists to make smaller and more precise adjustments, giving you a more comfortable approach to a more customizable smile.

Long story short, there are many options available for you to straighten your teeth and love your smile. You can find out more information about adult orthodontics in our FAQ here, but if you’re ready to take the first step on this journey, then we’re ready for you. 

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