What Are Spark Aligners? We Show You This Invisalign Alternative

Spark Aligners vs. Invisalign

Modern orthodontics has come a long way from your parents’ days. Back then, the only option was traditional metal braces. Today, there are many other options for great orthodontic treatment, including Damon Braces and Clear Braces and clear aligners from Invisalign and Spark. You may have heard of Invisalign, but did you know Spark offers exceptional orthodontic treatment while nearly invisible?

Advanced Orthodontic Specialists, a premier orthodontics office in Elmhurst, IL, offers Spark aligners, along with Damon braces and Invisalign. So we are familiar with all of these products! While you may know about braces and Invisalign, how much do you know about Spark aligners? Let’s explore treatment with clear aligners and how Spark aligners can give you the smile of your dreams!

What Are Clear Aligners?

What exactly are clear aligners? They’re the next step in orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners perform similarly to braces, but they do it in what many patients feel is a more aesthetically pleasing way. Rather than seeing teeth full of brackets and wires, you see, well, TEETH.

Clear aligners use a special clear material that is custom-molded to your teeth and gum line. The clear aligners fit so well with your teeth that they look nearly invisible from a distance. People may not even notice them! But they work like braces, so they will straighten your teeth, often in less time than traditional braces.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear aligners work similarly to braces. They apply gentle, steady pressure to move the teeth into their proper positions. This pressure helps to break down the bone in the jaw and rebuild it, allowing the teeth to move and the jaw to resent to a more proper alignment. 

Clear aligners have improved steadily over the years. While they were once limited in what they could treat, today’s clear aligners usually treat all but the most severe cases. 

Clear aligners can treat: 

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Gap teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Open bite

Clear Aligners vs. Clear Retainers

You may have seen some more modern retainers, and you may confuse them with Spark aligners or other clear aligners. It’s an easy thing to confuse since they look very similar. However, clear aligners and clear retainers are very different. Our premier orthodontists deal with this confusion often, and they take the time to explain the difference to our patients.

Clear aligners move the teeth into position. They’re made up of several sets of aligners that are switched out in a certain order throughout treatment. Each set moves the teeth a certain way. One set may push the teeth back, while the next set turns the teeth, so they are no longer crooked.

Spark retainers work differently. Rather than moving the teeth into certain positions, they hold them in place. Spark retainers are used after treatment with Spark clear aligners is complete.

As with your Spark clear aligners, your Spark retainers will be created from a mold of your teeth. In this case, the mold will be made after your treatment is complete. You will then be given the retainers and a prescription from your doctor on how long to wear your retainers and when. You must follow your doctor’s instructions on wearing your retainer. Otherwise, your teeth can begin moving back to their original positions, and you will lose the beautiful smile you’ve worked so long and hard to achieve.

Advanced Orthodontic Specialists has doctors and team members who are experts at finding the perfect retainers for that premier smile of yours. We will guide you on how to wear and care for your retainers. It’s important to take good care of your retainers because you’ll need to wear them for the rest of your life, though usually only overnight.

The good news is your Spark retainers will be nearly invisible, just like your Spark clear aligners. That means that you’ll maintain that low profile while maintaining that gorgeous new smile!

What are Spark Aligners?

We’ve talked about clear aligners in general, but what are these Spark clear aligners we keep mentioning? We’re sure you’ve probably heard all about Invisalign, but you may not know that there is another option available when it comes to orthodontic treatment that is both powerful and nearly invisible.

Spark clear aligners are nearly invisible but are clearer, more comfortable, and less prone to stains than other clear aligners. Yet they provide the same outstanding results for our patients. Spark clear aligners move the teeth just as effectively and produce gorgeous smiles in as little as six months!

Spark aligners are made with TruGEN technology. This clear acrylic material is made to be clearer than other brands. They’re also more comfortable because the edges that sit along the gums are polished and smoothed rather than left scalloped or rough. This means they don’t rub against the gums and irritate them as other brands might do.

The TruGEN technology used in the Spark clear aligners is designed to resist staining better than other clear aligners. While things like coffee, fruit juice, chocolate, or tea can stain your Spark aligners, it may take longer for the discoloration to become visible. Still, it’s recommended that you remove your aligners if you eat or drink anything that could stain them.

Once you’re done, be sure to brush your teeth, rinse off your aligners, and put them back into your mouth. You need to wear your Spark aligners at least 22 hours a day to move your teeth to their proper positions fully.

The biggest advantage of Spark’s TruGEN technology is in the movement. The TruGEN material is made to better contour to each tooth. Because of this, it applies a more even and direct pressure to the tooth. This makes the aligner more efficient in moving the tooth. What does that mean for you? It means you spend less time in your clear aligners than with other brands. You will be showing off your gorgeous new smile in no time!

Invisalign vs. Spark Aligners

You may be asking, “since you offer both, which brand should I choose?” It’s a very good question and a tough one to answer. That’s because both Invisalign and Spark provide exceptional products that bring exceptional results. That’s why we offer both to our patients!

Invisalign is the most popular brand of clear aligners and one of the oldest brands on the market. Because of this, they have had time to perfect their products and treatments over the years. Invisalign is a tried-and-true method of using clear aligners to straighten your teeth.

Invisalign also has the advantage of being able to treat almost all age groups now. The original Invisalign was made as an alternative to braces for adults who wanted a beautiful smile without a “mouthful of metal.” Since then, Invisalign Teen has been made to treat teenagers with orthodontic issues.

Recently, Invisalign introduced Invisalign First, which can treat children as young as six during what’s known as Phase 1 treatment. Phase 1 is for children who need a little treatment now and a little treatment later, once all of their permanent teeth are in, to achieve the perfect smile. The divided phases make it easier to treat the child by heading off major orthodontic issues that can develop if not treated early.

Spark clear aligners are slightly newer than Invisalign but just as powerful at treating your teeth. As we mentioned, they’re designed to be clearer, more comfortable, and more stain-resistant while adding a bit more efficiency to your treatment. Spark clear aligners’ advantages make them a strong contender in orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign does hold the advantage in Phase I treatment, however. Spark clear aligners can be worn by children but are recommended for those with their permanent teeth already in place.

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