It's Hard To
Be Humble

When you have patients

as awesome as ours!

We ❤︎ All Of Our Patients

Your Experience Is What Matters

Advanced Orthodontic Specialists

We Love Our Patients In Elmhurst, Forest Park, and Beyond!

One of the best parts of our job is seeing parents’ reaction to their child’s experience in braces or Invisalign. When a parent sees that the treatment we offer today is actually fun, exciting, and faster — with less pain — than what they may have experienced, they’re absolutely amazed. Back when I was in braces, it took two and a half years. There were a lot of appliances that hurt. So it’s fun and rewarding to show parents how different their child’s experience will be.

It’s why we choose the best technology — to be able to plan treatment with a level of precision that was never possible before. It’s why we invest so heavily in our team — to give not only the best results, but also an incredible, personal experience for each and every patient.

We Work Hard, and It’s All For You!

We work hard to exceed expectations! We’re almost obsessive about every little part of the patient’s experience.

“If someone leaves here and they’re not over-the-moon-happy, talking about their experience with their family and with their friends — then I actually believe that I failed that patient. We are always striving to be better, because we truly believe that’s the kind of treatment you deserve.”

Dr. Mike Bicknell

One Brand Serving Two Communities

We decided last year that it would be best for us to officially tie both our practices into one brand – one brand that is dedicated to every part of our vision. One brand serving two communities, Forest Park and Elmhurst!

We’re so excited that everything we do is now under one big family! To get a better idea of our vision and our goals – and honestly why were so excited about this change, check out the video below.

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