Crooked Teeth: Causes, Impact, and Treatment

Dealing with crooked teeth, and unsure what it means and if you need to do anything about it? We understand. It can feel overwhelming and frustrating trying to navigate why your teeth are crooked alone – that’s why, today, we’re going to run through all of the common causes, what crooked teeth mean for you and the different kinds of treatments to straighten your teeth that are available.

So, what causes crooked or misaligned teeth?

There’s a variety of reasons this could happen, even some behavioral habits that can form extremely early in your life – like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting when speaking and swallowing. 

The pressure from your thumb or tongue, in the way of your teeth, can cause permanent misalignment that would require orthodontic treatment to correct. 

Other than this, though, simply having crowded teeth can cause them to appear crooked, too. This means you have too many teeth for the jaw space available causing your adult teeth to grow at odd angles as they compete for space. 

What is the impact of having crooked teeth?

As orthodontists, we see time and time again that teenagers and adults alike lose confidence in their smile due to misalignment – and we believe that everybody deserves a smile they love.

If you’re experiencing severe misalignment then it’s important to seek orthodontic care for a treatment plan. This is crucial because crooked teeth mean plaque can be missed when brushing, resulting in tooth decay and even gum disease. 

What treatments are available for crooked teeth?

If you decide to seek treatment to straighten your teeth, then you’re in luck! There are a variety of ways, with ranging treatment times, that you can choose from. We’d recommend that you schedule a consultation with your orthodontist to identify which are appropriate for you and your smile goals. 

Here at Advanced Orthodontic Specialists, we offer it all. From the traditional dental braces, made from high quality metal with customizable colored rubber bands, through to ceramic braces that are discreet and clear – so your smile still feels like you during treatment. Alongside that, we offer invisalignTM and Spark Clear Aligner Treatments.

Start your journey to loving your smile, with a free consult today.

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