The Evolution of Braces

Whether you’re researching for yourself, or for your child, you may think you know braces – but there’s been a lot of change, in the last few years especially. Today, we’ll walk you through how braces have changed, and what that means for care today.

No More Brace Face

We know, having braces used to mean that your face was taken over by metal wires and scary looking bars, stopping you from eating the foods you wanted and lowering your self esteem. But that isn’t the case anymore. 

There’s a large variety of brace types that can help achieve your smile goals, without the bulky brace that so many of us want to avoid. Some of these include: 

  • Clear or ceramic braces 
  • Clear aligners 
  • Lingual braces, also known as back-of-the-teeth braces 

How The Digital World Changed Braces 

Anybody who may have had braces in previous years may remember the goopy substance used to create an impression of your teeth. This was, and is still used in some practices, to help the orthodontist determine the brace needs. 

With the rise in digital technology though, some practices – including Advanced Orthodontic Specialists – create digital impressions. 

Digital impressions are a more accurate mapping of your teeth, meaning that our team can examine your bite from different angles. This allows them to develop the most efficient treatment plan for you, as well as create ultimately more accurate retainers or aligner trays via 3D printing – all without the discomfort of the manual mold. 

Expedited Care 

With the more accurate view of your teeth leading to a more precise treatment plan, a quicker path to straight teeth can often happen. 

Alongside that, the improved materials used to create braces can also result in faster treatment that is custom to your individual needs. Cases that could have required something as serious as jaw surgery in previous years can now be treated with braces or aligners. 

At Advanced Orthodontic Specialists, we understand the importance of your smile – and we’ve embraced the most cutting-edge technology to ensure we can provide the most efficient, comfortable and enjoyable brace or aligner experience. 

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