Should I Get Braces?

Whether you’re 14 or 34, crooked teeth can really knock your confidence. But it can be hard to know if your teeth need braces, or if they would even help you achieve your perfect smile. Here, we’ll be answering some common questions as it relates to whether you need braces.


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How to know if I need braces?

If you have any misalignment in your teeth then braces can help. But braces do so much more than just straighten teeth.

If you have any of the following, you should schedule a consultation with an orthodontist. 

  • Painful chewing
  • Speech difficulties
  • Jaws that crack or creak during movement
  • Protruding teeth
  • Teeth that don’t meet properly or at all (also known as under or overbites)
  • Grinding teeth
  • Crowded, misplaced, or blocked teeth
  • Missing teeth

Can braces fix an underbite? 

If you have a mild underbite – where your bottom teeth slightly overlap your top jaw then braces can absolutely correct it. The current technology available to orthodontists can easily treat most underbite cases, even challenging ones previously considered to only be treatable with surgery. 

The possibility of underbite correction is something that an orthodontist can very easily confirm for you.

Can braces fix an overbite? 

Similarly to an underbite – if the type of overbite you have is fairly minor, with just a slight overlap of your top teeth over your bottom jaw, then braces will work. The effectiveness of braces on overbite cases is dependent on the complexity of your bite, however, most cases see a successful result.

This can be assessed during a short consultation with an orthodontist. 

Should I get braces? 

Whether or not you should get braces is a personal decision. But ultimately, if your misaligned teeth or jaw concern is impacting your life and happiness then we would recommend that you consider braces or, if appropriate, aligners.

If you’re considering braces, meeting with an orthodontist can provide clarity on what kind of treatment and treatment length may be necessary, and the cost associated. 

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