Why We Use The Damon System?

Here at Advanced Orthodontic Specialists in Elmhurst and Forest Park, Illinois, we offer the Damon System™. You might be thinking – well, why would anyone ever care about what orthodontic brackets we use? To that, we respond, “Why WOULDN’T you care?” 

The brackets used may not seem important, but they are – today, we’ll explain why we chose The Damon™ Orthodontic System. Believe us when we say these aren’t the braces our parents had when they were kids!

What is The Damon SystemTM?

Different from the conventional braces, the Damon System™ uses gentle forces specially designed to protect the health of your teeth and gums while in treatment. 

We offer the Damon System™ in both metal and clear brackets, meaning that our patients have the luxury of choosing whether they want visible braces or not. 

And unlike other clear braces that still have visible metal parts or elastic ties that can yellow during treatment, the Damon Clear braces are virtually invisible. They’re resistant to staining and do not use elastic ties, providing a superior aesthetic solution for patients.

What Are The Benefits Of The Damon SystemTM?

In addition to the aesthetic benefit, there are many others reasons that we use the Damon system™ in our clinics. The main reason being that we believe they bring you, the patient, more benefits – making your brace experience more pleasurable, and giving you the smile that you dream of. 

Some of the other benefits are:

Faster Treatment

With the Damon System™, many of our patients are finishing treatment and are achieving the smiles they’ve always wanted in around a year!

More Comfortable Treatment

The Damon Braces™ gently move your teeth, working to avoid the pain, the rubbing and discomfort. 

Less Office Visits 

We focus on keeping you out of the chair, and out living your life. With Advanced Orthodontic Specialists, and the help of the Damon System™, we have you in our office half as much as with traditional braces.


We work hard to make braces affordable for all families – in every step from our free initial consultation through to our payment plans, we’re thinking of our patients and how to make this work for them. 

Reach out today for a free consultation and a custom treatment quote.

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