When Should You Bring Your Child To An Orthodontist?

Knowing exactly when to bring your child to the ortho for the first time is a tricky decision to make. Are they old enough? Is sooner better? We understand that there are a range of questions running through your mind. 

That’s why we’re answering the question of when you should begin your child’s orthodontic treatment below.

What is The Ideal Age To Begin Treatment

While every child will be slightly different, an easy rule for them is to consider scheduling your child’s initial orthodontic checkup at the age of 7. This particular age marks a pivotal juncture in a child’s dental development. Most children at this age have a sufficient number of permanent teeth that have emerged, providing our orthodontists with the ideal opportunity to comprehensively assess the development of teeth and jaws and detect any potential concerns.

These early years are instrumental in a child’s growth because this is when the most significant changes occur in the development of facial bones and muscles. It’s during this crucial phase that proactive orthodontic intervention can be most effective in shaping a path toward optimal oral health and ensuring a beautiful, well-aligned smile for your child’s future.

Signs of When Your Child Should See The Orthodontist

Several indicators can guide you in determining when to schedule your child’s orthodontic appointment. These signs include thumb-sucking, tongue thrust, or the early loss of baby teeth in toddlers. In addition to those tell-tale signs, your child might be exhibiting the early development of orthodontic issues such as underbites, crossbites, crowded teeth, excessive gaps between their teeth, or experiencing jaw discomfort and challenges with eating and chewing.

It’s important to note that some of these orthodontic issues can have a hereditary component, while others can be the result of accidents, underlying dental conditions, or irregular swallowing patterns. While not every child necessarily requires early orthodontic treatment, an orthodontic assessment stands as the most effective means to proactively identify potential issues, especially as their mouths and teeth continue to evolve and develop.

Here at Advanced Orthodontic Specialists, your initial consultation is free – so you can rest easy knowing that you have the answers you need about your child’s orthodontic needs.

Benefits Of Your Child Seeing The Orthodontist

Early orthodontic intervention offers numerous advantages, primarily stemming from its ability to identify and address orthodontic issues before they get worse. This early detection not only enhances the overall efficiency of the corrective process but also mitigates the potential for complications down the road. 

Opting to delay orthodontic treatment until your child’s permanent teeth have fully erupted or their facial growth is near completion can introduce complexities that extend the duration and cost of treatment.

An additional benefit is instilling in your child a strong sense of the importance of oral hygiene. By addressing orthodontic concerns at a young age, you establish a sturdy foundation for their future dental health, ensuring they carry forward a lifelong commitment to maintaining a healthy smile.

Advanced Orthodontic Specialists is home to a team of extensively trained specialists who focus on pediatric treatment. Our foremost goal is to guide your child’s dental and oral health in the right direction and keep them out of our orthodontic chair as they grow.

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