What To Know About Metal Braces

Are you considering what kind of braces make the most sense for you, your lifestyle and your goals? 

Below, we’ll run through the metal braces we offer here at Advanced Orthodontic Specialists, the benefits of choosing metal braces over alternatives and we’ll dispel a few myths that are still lingering about metal braces. 

What Metal Braces Does AOS Offer?

Here at AOS, we value your comfort and your time. That’s why we use the DamonTM system for our metal braces.

Unlike conventional braces, Damon braces use a gentle force that is specifically designed for comfort and gum health. More than that though, this kind of brace typically can offer a faster treatment plan. 

This is because Damon braces don’t rely on elastics to hold the wires in place, which can slow down the treatment when you opt for the traditional metal braces you may have seen. Instead, they have a cool, patented slide feature that allows the braces to move comfortably, and encourage the straightening movement. 

Why Should I Choose Metal Braces Over an Aligner?

Really, your choice depends on your smile goals and the lifestyle you lead. But we’ll break down some of the reasons that metal braces may make more sense for you. 

A shorter treatment time – because the braces are literally stuck to your teeth and are worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the treatment time for metal braces is typically shorter than that of an aligner patient. 

Less accountability for you – Aligners require constant attentiveness with all of the removing and placing back in to eat and drink, as well as ensuring you switch them out weekly to continue your treatment. Braces are a lot easier – all you have to do is keep them clean and follow any elastic instructions given to you. That’s it!

Ability to straighten complex cases – metal braces may be necessary to achieve your smile goals. Depending on the complexity of your case, if you have a complicating factor like an under or overbite, or similar, an aligner may not be suitable for your treatment needs.

What Myths Are There About Metal Braces

There are all kinds of myths and misconceptions about metal braces.Unfortunately, those myths  tend to scare patients away from orthodontic treatment. Here, we’ll talk about a couple – but if you have questions about braces, reach out today to discuss

You’ll be braceface!

A lot of us here remember the days when orthodontic treatment was much bulkier, and could overtake your teeth and jaw. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Damon metal braces are sleek and subtle, with optional clear brackets that are even more discreet. 

Braces are extremely painful

They don’t need to be! While, of course, there will be some discomfort and pressure on your teeth as they move after an adjustment, but in general, you’ll forget that they’re even there. 

I’m too old for braces 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Braces are right for any age – and there are a range of options that we can talk through to see what suits your lifestyle best. 

I can’t eat anything with braces 

While you do have to be careful when selecting your food with braces, it’s not as limiting as a lot of people fear it will be. You can eat pretty much exactly what you currently do – we just ask that you’re extra careful with really chewy or hard foods.

If you’re interested in learning more about metal braces, and talking to an expert about what option might be best for you, get in touch today!

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